Congratulations! You are the happy new owner! Now what?

Your home, systems and  appliances need regular maintenance and care. Be aware and plan ahead of what the life expectancy and ways to avoid early deterioration. First and foremost, follow the manufacturer´s recommendations. Here some routine tips from the experts*:


-Do not use extra-large cooking pots or pans to avoid damaging burners and heating elements.

-Use the self-cleaning feature, if you have it.

-Use vinegar to remove mineral deposit on the electric heating element.

-Clean or change range hood exhaust filters regularly (no more than three months).


-Clean interior shelves, Shell and gaskets every three months.

-Clean the coils on the back or underneath with a vacuum cleaner once a year.

-Set 37°F for refrigerator and 0°F for freezer.

-Replace water/icemaker filters when suggested.

Washer and Dryer

-Adjust level of washing machine.

-Inspect cold and hot supply hoses for cracks or deterioration.

-Clean lint screen after each load of clothes dried.

Garbage Disposal

-Feed a full tray of ice cubes thorugh it while running cold wáter

-Run water while using it.

-Keep the rubber splashguard from getting damaged or missed.

-Don´t use it if you are on a septic system.

Air Conditioning

-Check filters every month. Clean or replace as needed and add a cup of vinegar.

-Perform maintenance service yearly and one month prior cooling season begins.

-Keep the condensing unit free of debris.

-Trim shrubs and plants around condensing unit to ensure proper air flow.

-Straight bent condensing unit fins with a fine comb.

-Secure the insulation firmly to the suction line and replace any worn-out insulation.

Electric System

-Make sure not to plug too many appliances into one circuit to avoid outages.

-Use self-test button of ground/arc fault circuit interrupters to ensure proper working order.

Plumbing System

-Don´t flush down a toilet other tan toilet paper.

-Drain sediment from wáter heater as recommended.

Tile, floors, carperts:

Include White Vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, alcohol and/or dish soap.

* Main source: American Home Shield





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